The premiere of the one act comedy thriller The Last Policeman inspired by the novel of the same name, penned by Angelo Camilleri, provided a snapshot of what happens when the sides of the law confront each other in an abandoned station and a typical household, as these are waiting to meet their destiny… What is right and wrong during a catastrophic event? Who is a criminal if the only crime being committed is to rebel against the constructs of a dying society? These dilemmas and more hot topics were effectively explored in the premiere of this comedy thriller, produced by Beta Entertainment Theatre Academy under the able direction of Jamie Camilleri, with the participation of several Gozitan well-known actors, namely, Presley Clark, Dylan Attard, Matthias Mercieca, David Grech & Lara Mompalao who were most deeply engrossed in portraying a scathing cross-section of society, especially  the various characters archetypes featured in Camilleri’s comedy-thriller.  

The huge rounds of applause at the end of this play was a tangible proof of the finesse in handling dozens of metaphorical and word-play punches, thanks to Angelo Camilleri’s cutting script and Jamie Camilleri directing a comedy-thriller drama laced with comedic flourishes and biting innuendos. Although director Jamie Camilleri is a household theatre name, it is immediately clear that he knows how to whip up comic set-pieces for actors to sink their teeth into. Indeed…a huge well done to all the actors, producer and playwright. The functional stage design by Jamie Camilleri provided quick change of scenes that flowed seamlessly.

Audience engagement was also encouragingly forthcoming especially during a Q&A session after the end of the play. Effective lighting and sound techniques were provided by Beam Lighting ( Chris Gauci) and PRO Stage (Antoine Debrincat).

The general comment that pervaded the air was that of a top-notch production celebrating Gozitan talent at its very best! Feel the Magic 2022-24 is generously sponsored by Arts Council Malta and the Ministry for Gozo. 

(Photo credits: Martin Attard)


At the end of the show, the Feel the Magic artistic director, Dr John Galea announced the next two events that will be offered during September 2022 and December 2022. Stay tuned in for more details!


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