ARCHITECT EDWARD SCERRI was born in Victoria on 15th January, 1972. He received his education at the Victoria Primary School and at the Ninu Cremona Boys’ Junior Lyceum and Upper Lyceum. In 1995 he graduated with honours as a Bachelor of Engineering and Architecture from the University of Malta, while in 1996 he was granted the warrant to practise his profession as an architect and civil engineer. He then pursued his studies within the Institute for Masonry Construction Research at the University of Malta where he successfully completed and graduated in Conservation Technology for Masonry Buildings.

Edward Scerri has been a member of the Chorus Urbanus since 1990. He has been elected President ever since the end of 1995. During his Presidency the choir embarked on three choral tours in the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Austria and Hungary and has recorded three CD’s together with the Sophia Symphony Orchestra and the Thoresby Colliery Brass Band. During this period, the choir has also participated in numerous concerts with the Maltese National Orchestra. Ever since he was elected president, Edward Scerri has accentuated the importance of optimising the managerial skills of the choir committee to achieve a remarkable collection of ambitious goals which include the first launching of a CD by a Gozitan choir and the first recording of two compact discs abroad by a Maltese choir.

Edward Scerri is presently practising his profession as an architect and civil engineer in Gozo and runs his own office after having been in charge of the Public Works Department in Gozo between 1995 and 1997. He is married to Christine nee’ Rapa and has four children.