George Borg was born in Victoria. He was engaged with the Civil Service in 1956 until his retirement in 1999 as a Principal Officer. During his career within the Civil Service he occupied various posts mainly that of Postmaster at the Gozo Head Post Office as well as that of Officer-in-Charge of the Gozo Tourist Office. and Chief Executive Officer of the Gozo Tourism Association.

On his own initiative he had contacted Rev Fr Joseph Gauci encouraging him to set up a choir to participate during the liturgical services at Saint George’s Basilica.  The Chorus Urbanus was formed in 1975 on the initiative of Fr joseph Gauci, assisted by Joseph Bezzina, and performed for the first timeMidnight Mass on Christmas Eve. During the period the Choir was directed by Rev Fr Gauci, Mr Borg was always consulted regarding the activities and new initiatives the Choir was to undertake. He always worked hand in hand with Fr Gauci in the difficult, early years of the Choir.

During the short period of time in which Joseph Bezzina assumed the direction of the Choir, George Borg was the director’s right hand and was the main organiser of the Choir in the absence of a choir’s committee. In 1980, Mro John Galea assumed the musical direction of the Chorus Urbanus and the first Choir Committee was formed. George Borg was appointed the first Secretary/Treasurer of the Choir until 1986. From then onwards until 2017, he has uninterruptedly occupied the post of Secretary.

George is married to Antoinette, herself a choir member ever since 1975. they have two children, George and Joseph. George is also a Chorus Urbanus chorister and for some years he also served as President of the Choir. The choir committee has recently unanimously acclaimed him as Honorary President Ad Vitam.