Sofia – 2005

Sofia, in Bulgaria, has once again been the venue for the recording of two CDs by the Chorus Urbanus as part of its 30th Anniversary Celebrations. The Chorus Urbanus visited Sofia between 28 March 2005 and 4 April 2005 to record, together with the Sofia Collegium Symphony Orchestra the Oratorio “Il-Qalb ta’ Kristu” composed by John Galea and lyrics by H.L. Mgr Nicholas Cauchi, Bishop of Gozo. This Oratorio was premiered in June 2005 during the centenary festivities organised at the Fontana Parish. (more…)

Greece – 2003

On the occasion of the 2004 Olympic Games to be held in Athens in Summer 2004, the Hellenikon Idyllion invited the Chorus Urbanus to give concerts in Greece during the month of September 2003. The Choir was invited over on the strength of its past projects as well on its present artistic credentials. (more…)

Hungary & Austria – 2001

On the 1st August 2001, the Chorus Urbanus, for the fifth time, left Malta to perform abroad. During this choral tour, the Choir visited the famous European cities of Budapest and Vienna, the capital cities of Hungary and Austria respectively. The Choir was under the direction of its musical director, Mro. John Galea and performed on five different occasions and localities.


Sofia – 1999

This choral tour in Bulgaria in 1999 was somewhat different from the previous ones, in that the main aim of the tour was not the performance of concerts but the recording of two CD’s with the Sofia Symphonic Orchestra. In fact, during its stay in Sofia, the Choir recorded the Messa Leggiera by Nicolo’ Isouard and Mro. John Galea’s symphonic poem Ggantija.


Nottinghamshire – 1996

Through its contacts with the Thoresby Colliery Brass Band of Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire, Chorus Urbanus organised a tour to this English county in 1996 where the Choir gave two concerts with the participation of the Thoresby Band in the Chapel of Worksop College and in St Barnabas’ Cathedral in Nottingham. The Choir also had the opportunity to sing during the Sunday High Mass in St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church in Ollerton.