This choral tour in Bulgaria in 1999 was somewhat different from the previous ones, in that the main aim of the tour was not the performance of concerts but the recording of two CD’s with the Sofia Symphonic Orchestra. In fact, during its stay in Sofia, the Choir recorded the Messa Leggiera by Nicolo’ Isouard and Mro. John Galea’s symphonic poem Ggantija.

Recording session at the Sofia State Radio Studios

During the recording, the Choir was accompanied by a full 70+ strong symphonic orchestra. The two CD’s were released during the year 2000 sponsored by the Manoel Theatre and the Ministry for Gozo respectively. The recordings were carried out at the Sofia State Radio studios.

During this tour the choir had the occasion of visiting a number of historic sites in Bulgaria, namely Rila Monastery on Rila Mountain which has recently been declared a World Heritage by Unesco, Plovdiv, Mount Vitosha, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and Saint George’s Rotunda.

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