Today is the twentieth anniversary of Joseph Bezzina’s death. Mr Joseph Bezzina was one of the founders and organist of Chorus Urbanus and also active as a composer of songs and other choral music.

He was also our musical director for a short span of time before he relinquished his post to Dr John Galea some years before his untimely tragic death. He is still much loved and sadly missed by all the choir members and especially his son Joellson and daughter Jaunesse, both of them choir members.

Joseph Bezzina was also active as St George’s Basilica organist for almost thirty years, an active member of La Stella Band and the Astra Folk Group and an ardent supporter of St George’s feast.

We promise our special prayers today and extend our sympathies to his widow Josephine Bezzina, Jesahel his eldest daughter, his sister Carmen and all his extended family. We are sure that he is basking in the Light of the Resurrected Christ and watching over his much beloved choir – Chorus Urbanus


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