To commemorate the 400th anniversary of the miraculous painting of Ta’ Pinu, the Diocese of Gozo made special arrangements for the painting to visit all the Gozo parishes for the veneration of the parishioners around Gozo. On Wednesday 23rd January 2019, it was the turn of Fontana Parsh to welcome the painting in its parish.


Chorus Urbanus was invited by the Fontana Parish to welcome the Holy Image of Our Lady of Ta’ Pinu by animating the service which included a mass to commemorate the event. The Choir was under the direction of Dr John Galea and interpreted a number of Marian hymns throughout the service.

After mass, the church kept its doors open throughout the whole night for the veneration of the parishioners during which various organized prayer groups were held. The painting left Fontana the day after late in the afternoon to be welcomed in Kercem.

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