The Chorus Urbanus Junior section have been particularly busy during the Christmas month with various participations in the ‘Christmas in Gozo’ programme organised by the Ministry for Gozo, and participation in Milied Fuq l-Ghejjun organised by the Fontana Local Council.

The hard work done by Maureen Zerafa and Hilda Grima paid off as the Juniors are securing a name for their homogeneity of tone and readiness to learn new repertoire that has also introduced them to backing by ‘live’ orchestra as in the case of ‘Feel the Magic’ 2019 concerts and recorded orchestral playbacks with ‘live’ singing.

On behalf of Chorus Urbanus Productions, we wish them success and reiterate wholeheartedly ‘Ad altiora’! We look forward to hear more of you throughout 2020.


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